How the capulin volcanic field was shaped by CO2 emissions

June 18, 2021 0 Comments

In 2011, the volcano Capulin erupted in Chile, spewing sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The eruption destroyed more than 1,000 buildings, killed more than 10,000 people, and left more than 8,000 dead.

Scientists now believe that CO2’s effects on the earth’s atmosphere have been a contributing factor in this eruption.

Capulin was one of several volcanoes that spewed CO2 into the air.

The researchers analyzed the carbon dioxide emissions from Capulin and its neighbors in the Cerro Gordo region, where Capulin is located, and found that they are more carbon-rich than the surrounding area.

The carbon-bearing material in Capulin’s atmosphere was more than 90 percent carbonate, the scientists reported in Science Advances in 2015.

Carbonate is an important component of the earths crust.

Carbonates are the most common rock minerals in Earth’s crust.

As the Earth’s surface ages, carbonate minerals in the crust become more brittle.

As a result, when carbonates are subjected to heat, the temperature can change, creating cracks and fractures in the rock.

Capulins volcanoes spewed up to 5 tons of carbon dioxide into the stratosphere every year.

The scientists think that Capulin, in particular, may have contributed to the carbonate formation by the eruption of volcanic debris in the stratospheric column, or the stratovolcano, which rises from the surface of the Earth and rises through the atmosphere, according to the journal Science Advices.

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