When a volcano explodes, the blue lava will be there to show up next to you

June 20, 2021 0 Comments

This is the moment when your favorite band will have a full-blown meltdown.

It’s not exactly like the one you’ve always fantasized about, but that’s exactly what happened when the volcano erupted near Iceland.

The blue lava is so thick that it’s impossible to see from space, but it’s enough to cause some of the best guitarists in the world to turn to their trusty guitar pick to get in some deep harmonies and some crazy jams.

The band that came closest to hitting it out of the park was the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The three of them played for a little over a month before their meltdown and they still managed to play a set full of killer material.

The Red Hot Boys, the original members of the band, even managed to get some serious airtime in the episode.

But the best thing that happened was that it was all thanks to the magic of the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagouna is a volcanic island in the Blue Mountains of Iceland, located just over 200 miles from the coast.

It is one of the highest peaks in the entire country, reaching up to 7,500 feet.

When it erupts, it can leave behind a trail of ash, which is so intense that it can even make the sky purple and make your eyes burn.

The Blue Lagunas peak has a total surface area of almost 6,000 square miles, and there are more than 300 active volcanoes that make up the area.

A Blue Laguna erupts in Iceland.

Photo by Björnsson-Hansen via Getty ImagesThe Blue lava flows through the area at high velocity, which makes it difficult for the volcanic island to cool down before it erupting again.

That’s why the lava is very dangerous.

When the lava comes up from the volcano, it is highly volatile and causes some of its ash to get sucked up into the air, where it can travel up to 300 miles away.

When the volcano erupts at night, it’s very difficult to find a place to camp.

Most of the time, people are forced to stay in one of Iceland’s hotels and resorts, which means that if they’re lucky enough to have a room, it might not be the best place to stay.

But the Blue Lava is a relatively new volcano that was first discovered in 2009 and has only recently been explored and mapped.

According to Icelandic researchers, there are currently a total of 562 active volcanos in the country, and the Blue lava is no exception.

According to a 2012 report from the United Nations Climate Change Agency, the Blue lagoon is the most dangerous volcanic island on the planet.

In this image, an aerial view of the Redhot Chili Pebers’ Blue Lagoune volcano.

Photo by Bjørnsson-Haakonsson via Getty PostsBlue Lagoon eruption, April 18, 2019.

Photo via Wikimedia CommonsIn the video above, you can see some of what happened after the eruption, including some of Blue Lagoolan’s best guitar players, including vocalist/guitarist Nick Cave and drummer Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

The group had already played two shows before the eruption and had some awesome chemistry on stage.

In the episode, the band is seen playing a song called “The Blue Lasso,” which features Cave singing, “It was the Blue Light, the Red Lasso, the Yellow Lasso.”

Watch the video below to see the Blue lasso erupt from the Blue Volcano in Iceland!