Australian volcanoes to erupt in summer amid record rainfall, wind gusts

July 12, 2021 0 Comments

Australia’s volcano eruptions are expected to increase in frequency and severity over the next week, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Key points:A high-risk of a major eruption is expected in the central highlands of New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia, with the highest risk in the Central CoastThe bureau warned of “high levels of uncertainty” as to when the next major eruption will occur.

Key point:A low-risk eruption is forecast in the eastern highlands in the northern and southern parts of New England and the northern parts of South AustraliaThe bureau expects there to be “low-to-moderate” wind gust and high-pressure systems in parts of the north-eastern parts of Queensland and New South Carolina.

It is also expected there will be “significant rain and rainfall” in some areas of the western lowlands, which it said could lead to “seismic activity” as well as “a significant amount of wind gust”.

“The risk of a serious volcanic eruption is high across all regions and regions of the world.”

However, low-to moderate winds and high pressure systems in some parts of central Australia, and particularly in the southeastern lowlands and the central coastal plain, have resulted in significant rain and/or rainfall in some regions over the past few weeks.

“This has resulted in a number of serious volcanic events in some remote areas, including in the western highlands.”

The bureau said that the number of severe earthquakes has also increased in the past week.

“We have observed a substantial increase in the number and intensity of earthquakes in the Eastern Highlands in the region,” it said.

“In the central lowlands we have also observed an increase in seismic activity.”

The bureau also anticipates significant rainfall and/and wind gust activity in parts on the eastern lowlands in western Australia.

“The Bureau of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (BOOMA) has also issued a warning about the possibility of an “extensive and intense storm”.”

Strong storms may be forecast for the central Highlands and in the south-easterly parts of Australia,” it warned.”

Tropical cyclones, which typically occur over a very short period of time, are also forecast for a few days or a few weeks later.

“There is also a possibility of significant wind gustiness in the Western Highlands, particularly in Queensland and the north of South Africa.”

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