The volcano drawing that ignited a global debate over global warming

July 19, 2021 0 Comments

This drawing was made by a volcano in the Indian state of West Bengal that sparked global debate about global warming in the early 2000s.

The drawing is believed to be the first to depict the rise of CO2 as a result of manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

The drawing, dated September 5, 2000, drew an illustration of a volcanic island, with a large black blob rising into the sky.

In the drawing, a man sits on top of the volcano, surrounded by a large green circle.

The blob has risen out of the ground, indicating that the man is on top.

The man is then surrounded by his friends, and his friends are standing around him.

The blue blob is rising out of a hole in the volcano.

The volcano is then seen to slowly erupt, with smoke rising from the volcano and smoke rising into space.

After the drawing was published, many people argued about whether or not CO2 was caused by manmade emissions, but it was quickly dismissed by scientists.

A second drawing of the same volcano, this time from December 1, 2001, showed the eruption had been less intense and a smaller blobs had formed, suggesting that CO2 emissions had not been a major cause of the eruption.

But there was also widespread skepticism, and some scientists questioned the drawing’s accuracy.

“The drawing was taken from an image that was taken by the US Geological Survey of an earthquake on a volcanic volcano in West Bengal in October 2000,” said David H. Roberts, professor emeritus of geophysics at Princeton University.

“That earthquake caused a great deal of damage to the surrounding area and it was said that the volcano was not going to erupt again for several years.

But it has not happened, so I have no idea how accurate this drawing was.”

In 2006, an international conference was held in the U.K. on the possible link between volcanic eruptions and climate change.

While Roberts said the drawing did not accurately depict the volcano eruption, he did say that it was a reminder that climate change is an issue.

Roberts said the eruption caused about $10 billion in damage, and that the effects of the damage will likely take several decades to be felt.

More recently, a similar drawing of a volcano was made, but this time it was taken in Indonesia and depicted the eruption of a nearby volcano.

Some scientists have argued that the drawing from Indonesia was a fake, as the volcano’s crater had not erupted in 2000, and the eruption was not as dramatic as the one depicted in the drawing.

Others said that this drawing, taken in the same place, did show the eruption, but that it had been taken at a different time.

Scientists have been debating how to explain the volcano drawing for decades.

One popular theory is that it shows that volcanic eruvers, which can cause large earthquakes and tsunamis, may be more vulnerable to the effects caused by global warming than other areas, and therefore more vulnerable than the rest of the world.

Another popular theory says that the eruption showed that global warming was a natural phenomenon, rather than man-made.

There are still debates over the drawing as to whether it is a good representation of the state of the earth or whether it could have been a hoax, Roberts said.

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