When the Chinese Communist Party took over, the country’s new president used his position to bully scientists and engineers

July 28, 2021 0 Comments

By Stephen LendmanThe American ConservativeA controversial article in the Washington Post about a Chinese Communist party executive threatening to punish scientists and technicians in China for working on a seismological study that concluded the country had an underground volcano is a clear sign that the Chinese are not going to allow their countrymen to study the earth and other planets, as long as they have access to nuclear weapons.

The Chinese government has been criticized for their nuclear weapons programs, and their pursuit of the Moon, but the Post article points out that the Communist party is also pushing the development of a technology to build nuclear bombs in space.

While the article was written by Andrew Cuneo, a retired US Army lieutenant general, it was not his first foray into geopolitics.

In 2013, he was quoted in the Guardian as saying that China would use nuclear weapons if it had the ability to, citing a leaked memo written by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has said he will use nuclear weaponry to prevent the US from invading China.

It’s unclear whether the Trump administration was aware of Cuney’s recent writings.

In the article, Cuneeo says he has “a strong interest in the science of Earth and planetary sciences, especially those of geophysicists.”

In a statement to The Associated Press, CUNEO said he has not been involved in the Chinese government’s efforts to develop nuclear weapons, but he has worked on nuclear weapons issues and believes China will soon use nuclear forces to “conquer the world.”

“While China is one of the most advanced militaries in the world, China is also a nuclear weapons state,” Cunei said.

“We must not be blind to this, and we must not allow China to take over the planet.”

The article also mentions that the Trump government has made progress in developing a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile system that would be capable of hitting US bases on Guam, which is about 2,500 miles from China.

The Trump administration is working on plans to move nuclear-capable missiles from Alaska to Guam, but it has yet to make that decision.

The AP also reported that Trump has discussed the possibility of expanding the US nuclear umbrella to include countries in the Pacific and Europe.

Trump has previously said that he believes that the United States should deploy nuclear weapons to protect itself against North Korea.

Trump has also criticized China’s use of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons in the past.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Trump said that “we have a very good relationship with China, we have a great relationship with Russia and China, and they are very supportive of us.”

“But we have to make sure that we’re protecting ourselves against them.

And we have so many threats,” he said.

“And China is the number one country in terms of nuclear capability.

So I think that we have many options, but they’re very strong and they’re willing to do it.

So we’ll see what happens.”