Australia to have a massive volcano eruption by 2020

A huge volcano is set to erupt on the weekend, causing widespread devastation across the country.

The Seamount, about 45 kilometres (27 miles) south-west of Adelaide, is the biggest in the world and will be the largest ever to erupt, with more than 1,500 cubic kilometres (7,200 cubic miles) of lava spewing from the volcano.

Seamount National Park, in the Kimberley, is located on the western coast of the continent.

The park, which was named in 1872, is home to the Kupuna people, who have lived there for generations.

“We are incredibly concerned for the safety of all those who live in our communities and will work with the local authorities to assist and ensure they are well protected,” park ranger Craig Ketchum said.

“I will personally be contacting our neighbours and family to tell them what needs to be done.”

The park was under a mandatory evacuation order until the weekend.

There are no reports of any injuries or deaths.

A similar eruption in 2015 triggered an evacuation of thousands of residents, but only a few were affected.

The volcano is expected to reach an eruption rate of about one per week over the next four weeks.

The event is expected in the south-east, near the towns of Mooloolaba and Mokoko, and in the north-west, around Townsville.

Residents are being asked to prepare to leave.

“Please be vigilant and stay away from any areas of the community, especially if you have children,” the park’s Facebook page said.

Residents should be aware that while the area is heavily populated, there are many other communities that are not impacted.

“The evacuation is not a requirement for visiting the area,” the Facebook page continued.

“If you have any questions about this evacuation, please do not hesitate to contact the local authority for further information.”

This is an active volcano with an active ash plume and can trigger large volcanic events such as earthquakes.

“The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (NDMA) has been called in to help, and it will advise residents as soon as it is safe to do so.

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