Which states have the highest number of cases of measles in the U.S.?

California has more than 20 cases and five deaths, the highest reported in the state this year.

Maine has two cases and one death.

Rhode Island, Florida, and Texas are the only states with fewer than five cases each.

A similar number of new cases were reported in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports more than 9,000 cases of the measles this year, the most in more than a decade.

The latest numbers show a surge in cases in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, where officials have been battling an outbreak that’s been traced to an outbreak at a New Jersey public housing project.

In New Jersey, two cases were confirmed on Friday and the state health department is now investigating the possibility that more may be out there.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo says he’s sending additional staff to the state to help fight the outbreak.

A man rides his bike past a public housing building in Brooklyn, New Jersey.

On Monday, more than 1,000 people contracted the virus, including children and young adults.

Cuomo is calling for a national vaccination program to stop the spread of the virus and is urging people to seek medical attention.

The CDC has also said that measles cases are on the rise in the United States, although they haven’t officially released the latest numbers.

In addition to New York and California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Virginia have also reported cases.

New Jersey has reported more than 300 cases, and the governor has ordered a state-wide lockdown, but New York state Health Commissioner Daniel Moniz said Monday the number of reported cases is at “zero.”

Cuomo says more than 2,000 New Yorkers have been infected with measles and says his office has been working closely with the Centers for Infectious Diseases (CDC) and other state and local health agencies to get the virus under control.

New Yorkers are asked to avoid public places, especially those near parks and beaches, and use their own personal protective equipment.

Cuomo says the CDC is also urging people not to get their children vaccinated because they could be at risk for catching measles.

The governor says the state has reported 476 confirmed cases of a coronavirus, which is caused by the virus that causes the disease.

Cuomo said the outbreak is “still unfolding,” but he said the state is “not taking any chances.”

Cuomo’s comments come a day after the state announced it will be closing schools, libraries, and daycare centers for at least a week.

He says the lockdown will allow for proper containment.

On Friday, the CDC issued a bulletin to health departments and state health departments asking them to contact local health departments if they have information on suspected cases of mumps or measles.

It also said it will help those who are unsure about getting vaccinated, including those with medical conditions and those who may have been in a public place.

More than 2.5 million people have been vaccinated in the country, according to the Centers of Disease Control.

The disease has been linked to high fevers, coughs, sore throats, and severe pneumonia.

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