‘This Is What We Learned in College’ from ‘This is What We’ve Learned in Life’ from Disney XD’s ‘Coco the Lost Girl’ episode 3

CITIZENS of the world will be tuning in to Disney XD on Wednesday for a new episode of “Coco,” the first of its two-hour animated series.

The episode, titled “Coconut Cream Pie,” tells the story of Coco, the magical Coconut Cream Pie, and the people who love it.

COO and star Coco Chanel was also a fan of the show when she made an appearance in an episode.

The series follows Coco’s search for the magic Coconut Cream and the many people who make it, including Coco’s aunt and Coco’s best friend, Coco Chanell.

The episode features scenes from the original film, as well as scenes from new stories, including a “Cocktail” and a “Piggyback” episode.

Coco is a little-known character from the Disney Channel’s animated series “Coyote Squad,” but she has become a worldwide phenomenon since her debut episode in October.

Her story has been adapted into several animated movies, including the Disney-owned film, “Cogsworth.”

Coco also has a new role in Disney XD series “The Princess and the Frog,” and Disney XD has made Coco an official mascot in the series.

The character has also appeared in other films such as “Cars 3” and “Frozen.”