When is the next eruption?

The next eruption is “on the cards,” a senior official with the country’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources said in an interview published Wednesday.

He declined to provide details.

“We’re in the final stages of monitoring,” said Jose Carlos Castañeda, director general of the ministry.

A total of 890 people have been evacuated from the volcano since the eruption in January, he said.

He said the ministry has a list of people who could be at risk of injury, including some who have visited the volcano.

Castaño said that the number of people evacuated has been reduced from 890 to about 250, and that more people are being evacuated at a pace of about 100 people a day.

A fire broke out in the volcano’s chamber in the middle of the day on Jan. 19.

The volcano’s chambers have been used to trap gases that could be released, which can cause volcanic eruptions.

A week later, a fire erupted in the chamber of the same volcano, but was extinguished quickly, Castaña said.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Wednesday that there are at least 5,000 to 6,000 ash plumes spewing from the volcanoes surface, a number that could increase as more monitoring is done.

The eruption on Jan 19 prompted the U.N. and international organizations to declare a national emergency.

The U.K. also declared a national alert for the volcano, and the U,N.

Security Council on Jan 25 called for an immediate end to the eruption and the use of heavy machinery to prevent further damage.

At least seven people have died in the last month.

More than 50 have been hospitalized, and more than 200 have been injured, according to officials.

U.S., U.C.S.-led experts, including a team from the U and C agencies, are also working to assess the effects of the volcanic eruption, Castasano said.

They are collecting samples, and will be using instruments to collect the air and water in the area, he added.

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