How to stop a volcano from erupting in your home

By default, the default setting in Windows 10 is to automatically detect volcanic eruptions in your area.

If you are not sure what that means, read on.

But in this post we’ll show you how to stop an eruption from occurring.


Uncheck the “Disable automatic detection of volcanic eructions” setting in the Settings app and you’ll find it unchecked.


Right-click on the volcano icon and select “New…” to open the new settings menu.

The “Show Advanced Settings” section will appear.

Under “System”, select “Volcanic eruptions”.


Select the “Select volcano” option.

Under the “Volcano Types” drop-down menu, select “Mountain and Volcano”.


Under one of the volcanoes listed, select the “Cancel” option from the “Enable automatic detection” option in the “System” section.


When prompted, select Cancel.

When you’re done, the Settings menu will open.


Under each of the four volcanoes, select a different setting to set it to: “Enable” to turn on automatic detection.

“Disable” to stop automatic detection from occurring at all.

“Cancelled” to cancel automatic detection and leave it at the default level.


Click “OK” to close the settings menu and return to the Home screen.

If this was a quick fix, you may want to look into installing the Microsoft Visio app to improve detection and prevention of earthquakes in your homes.

If not, we suggest you get the free Microsoft Vision App.


If your home doesn’t appear to have any volcanoes detected, or if the “Show advanced settings” section does not appear, try searching the internet for suggestions.