‘This is the way to go’: Palestinians prepare for war on Israel

Palestinians are preparing for a long-awaited clash with Israel in the West Bank on Sunday, in which they expect a full-scale military operation.

As Israeli troops and tanks began their push on Gaza on Sunday morning, Palestinian residents of the West Gaza town of Khan Younis are preparing to launch a series of “gigantic” rockets aimed at Israel.

A few days ago, residents of Khan younis saw a rocket launched from the town.

The military said the rocket had no warheads and was fired from the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Khan Younis is located in southern Gaza.

The Israeli military said that it had targeted dozens of tunnels used by militants in Gaza and that Hamas was responsible for firing rockets.

The latest rocket barrage comes amid ongoing fighting between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza, as the Palestinian factions seek to unseat Hamas as the dominant power in the coastal enclave.

The Palestinian faction Hamas has been waging a war against Israel in Gaza since 2007.

Israel has said that a rocket fired from Gaza landed in Israel’s southern border city of Ashkelon.

It said the missile had a range of more than 5 kilometers (3.4 miles).

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the “barbaric” attack.

Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority has ruled Gaza for decades, said the Israeli military was violating international law.

Abdul Rahman, a Gaza-based activist, said that Hamas had been firing rockets into Israel for years.

Israel responded by launching airstrikes at Hamas positions in Gaza on Saturday and Sunday.

The strikes killed two Hamas members.