Which volcano is erupting next?

The eruption of a large volcano in Iceland is set to erupt in the next few days, as the eruption season opens in the country.

The eruption could also affect the global weather.

The volcano is known as Larsen-Taipan and is located on the island of Iceland in the north of the country, between the two major cities Reykjavik and Þingvellir.

The island’s volcano is only in its early stages and is thought to be around 500 million years old, although the exact age is uncertain.

The lava is about 4 kilometres across and has been erupting for more than a decade.

It is thought that the eruption will occur between this Saturday and Thursday.

There are currently two active volcanoes on the northernmost part of Iceland, Róðmundur and Skjólfurfa.

The two are separated by a mountain range.

The largest eruption on the islands happened in 2006 when the eruption of Larsen volcano caused the island to erupt and spew ash.

The recent eruption was more intense than the previous two and has not yet been controlled.

However, it was reported that a nearby volcano was causing problems for people.