Kiluaustu volcano erupts, with 6,000 people evacuated as lava flows into sea

Kiluauea Volcano, in northern New Zealand, erupted Tuesday, unleashing a deadly, six-story lava flow and sending hundreds of residents fleeing into the sea.

The eruption came less than two months after an eruption in the area triggered a massive landslide and buried more than 2,500 people.

According to reports from locals, the lava flow was so strong that it buried buildings in nearby villages.

The volcano is located about 2,200 miles (3,200 kilometers) east of Wellington.

The cause of the eruption is still unknown, but some locals believe the eruption was caused by magma that was trapped in a lava dome that collapsed and began to leak out.

Many people in the village of Kiluausua have since fled their homes.

They said they were unable to return to their homes because of the rising lava.

New Zealand’s National Parks and Wildlife Service said the eruption occurred about 5 p.m.

Tuesday (local time) in Kiluauesa Volcano.

The park said the lava dome was “caused by the release of lava and magma, but no immediate danger to people and the surrounding area.”

A spokeswoman for the park said residents were asked to leave their homes in the immediate vicinity of the lava flows.

In a statement posted to Facebook, New Zealand Police said that at about 5:30 p.s.m., the park received a call from a resident who reported seeing two lava flows erupting from the mountain.

The two lava eruptions were located about 50 meters (164 feet) below ground level, according to the New Zealand National Parks.

The first eruption was about 25 meters (yards) in diameter and had a volume of about 200 cubic meters (9,500 cubic feet), according to a park official.

“The second eruption was just a few meters (meters) in size and was caused when magma was trapped between two lava domes,” the statement said.

Newshub’s news team contributed to this report.

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