‘This is what you would expect to see’: ‘The water is flowing’: Scientists investigate crater lake volcano

A new crater lake eruption has created an “extreme” water flow that scientists say has prompted the formation of a new volcano, which is now about 1km away from the volcano.

The “super volcano” is about 1,000km east of the island of Lhasa in Tibet, in the mountains of Qinghai province.

The crater lake, located about 200km north of Lhaosan, is located about 40km east from Lhasas famous lake.

It was first reported in the mid-1980s, and it has continued to erupt sporadically.

But now scientists say the crater lake has reached its maximum height of about 400m (1,100ft) since it erupted last month.

Lhasa, which was once the capital of Tibet, is home to the largest Tibetan population in the world.

Its capital, Lhasan, has been a centre of Tibetan Buddhism since the 13th century.