Which volcanoes have been the most active in the last year?

The most active volcanoes on Earth are located in the tropical Pacific and are considered the most vulnerable to climate change. 

The majority of volcanoes in the world are located on the edge of a volcano’s caldera, which are the narrow channels that separate the lava flows from the ground. 

Volcanoes on the coast, in the mountains and on the equator are also at risk from climate change, and are subject to rising sea levels.

But there are a few exceptions to the trend. 

Some volcanoes are particularly well protected, and the rest of the world has seen them explode and spew gas. 

For example, the Gobi Desert in China has experienced a major eruption in the past year, and it has become one of the hottest places on the planet. 

Here are the most dangerous volcanoes we have been able to find on Earth.

The most active volcano on EarthThe Philippines volcano, Mount Pukan in the Philippines, erupted on August 29, 2020. 

Its ash and gas reached temperatures of more than 1,300 degrees Celsius (2,300 Fahrenheit). 

The eruption spewed 2.8 million cubic meters (8 billion cubic feet) of ash and 2.3 million cubic feet of gas, according to the International Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasts. 

That was enough to raise temperatures by more than 3 degrees Celsius (-4.4 Fahrenheit) over the course of just a few hours.

The lava flowing off the volcano’s crater is visible in this image taken on August 30, 2020, as seen from the town of Puquedor, in Sichuan province, China. 

(Image: AP)It also spewed ash and sulfuric acid, and a cloud of ash that reached a height of about 1,400 meters (4,800 feet).

The eruption caused a 2.5 meter (8 foot) crater, with about 30,000 cubic meters of ash floating in it.

The crater formed after the volcano erupted on the evening of August 29.

The Philippines is one of many Asian nations that has suffered major volcanic eruptions in recent years. 

In 2015, there were a number of major eruptions along the Pacific coast of the country, including the Sichu and Tawau eruptions. 

It is thought that the volcano will erupt again in the next few years, though it is not known when that may happen. 

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