Why does lava appear so blue on Mars?

The color of Martian lava appears to be caused by water being evaporated off of a mountain, scientists have found.

The new research, published in Nature Geoscience, was based on an analysis of the color of the Martian surface, which scientists think has an impact on how much water remains on the surface.

The new study suggests the surface of Mars is only slightly more than a tenth of the volume of Earth’s. 

The surface is home to some of the most complex life in the solar system, but scientists have been struggling to determine how much of the planet’s surface water is being carried away by dust and volcanic activity.

That means it’s important to understand how much Martian water is stored underground. 

Mars is home for more than half the Earth’s surface, and it is a world of secrets.

The surface of the Red Planet is dotted with hidden water reservoirs that contain billions of tons of water. 

In recent years, scientists on Mars have been using a robotic spacecraft called the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) to investigate the geology of Mars.

Scientists have discovered vast underground lakes and streams, many of which are so deep they hold enough water to form rivers and lakes on Earth. 

Scientists have also been studying how Mars’s surface is affected by its environment.

A recent study published in Science found the water in Martian lakes is changing due to water evaporation.

The new study also suggests that the surface is more susceptible to changes due to changes in temperature.

That’s because Mars’s climate is changing because of the loss of the sun’s energy, which can lead to a decrease in surface temperature.

It’s important for the next generations of astronauts to understand what is happening in the Martian atmosphere to understand the potential impact of changing climates.

The results suggest that water could be lost from Mars through changes in the composition of the atmosphere and by volcanic activity, which could cause it to turn into a lake.

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