How to tell when a volcano is erupting in your neighborhood

The volcano in Washington, D.C., has erupted in recent weeks and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has named it the largest in the United States.

But while the eruption was initially classified as a Category 3 or higher eruption, that designation is being reviewed for a new classification that would make it more likely that an eruption would be violent.

Volcanoes can be classified as Category 3 and higher, which means the eruption is not considered to be dangerous.

Category 3 eruptions are generally less destructive than Category 1 eruptions, and are not likely to cause a serious injury or death.

They can happen within an hour of a major eruption, and may occur at any time.

Category 1 volcanoes can occur at anytime and cause significant damage to nearby communities, such as an eruption in a major city.

The category 3 category was created by the National Seismic Network (NSN), which monitors volcanoes around the world.

The NNS has been monitoring eruptions in the U-S since the 1950s, and the group considers it to be the most accurate classification system.

The eruption of Mt.

St. Helens on April 12, 2020, was classified as an event that occurred between March and July of this year.

The eruption was the largest and most violent since 2011, when Mount St. Louis erupted.

The National Seistricts office of the USGS said that the eruption did not cause significant injury or fatalities.

The U.N. has also classified the eruption as a category 3 event, which indicates that the volcano was significantly less destructive.

In August 2018, an eruption at the volcano in Yellowstone, Montana, triggered a minor eruption that occurred after about 15 minutes of intense volcanic activity, causing damage to the nearby town of Cascade Locks.

The Yellowstone eruption was classified a Category 1 event.

Yellowstone is the largest active volcano in the world, with more than 1,200 active volcanoes.

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