Guatemala volcano erupts in colourado

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina has warned of a “new eruption” on the country’s volcanoes after it erupted in color.

Key points:President Perez Molinas said he was “very concerned” by the “massive” eruption on Guatemala’s Volcanoes National ParkMr Molinas urged people to be cautious about using fireworks and to be careful with other sources of heat Mr Molinas warned the country is experiencing a “large-scale volcanic eruption” at the Volcanos National Park.

He said the eruption could affect the surrounding areas.

The president said that “the eruption of Guatemala’s national park” was “unprecedented” and “will undoubtedly affect our economy, culture and the people”.

“It will also affect the safety of tourists, tourists’ safety, our citizens, the security of the country and also our national heritage,” Mr Perez Molins said.

“If the eruption continues, it could potentially cause a very big risk to our citizens,” he added.

President Perez MolaƱas said the national park is “extremely unstable” and there was a risk to the surrounding area, but he was not aware of any immediate reports of casualties.

“We are in a delicate situation, but we have to make prudent decisions, we have not seen any reports of damage to our environment,” he said.

The volcano is located on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and is the largest in the country, about 20km (12 miles) from the Guatemalan capital.

The Volcanes National Park is about 1,400km (870 miles) east of Guatemala City.

It was established in 1859 by the Spanish in the territory of the region, which is about 60% of Guatemala.

Its volcanic activity has caused earthquakes and other destructive weather events.