What’s next for the volcano in Guatemala?

On April 18, the volcano of Guatemala erupted, spewing ash and causing a massive fire in the town of Sangay.

The volcano had been dormant for decades, but in May it exploded, releasing a plume of sulfuric acid that killed over 700 people.

The eruption was the third in as many years, and the fifth on the Volcanoes National Park’s eastern border with Honduras.

The eruptions have left a trail of ash, including some that landed on a tourist boat, as well as debris from a house and a nearby building.

But the destruction is not limited to the area that was hit by the eruption.

On Friday, the government declared that there would be no further eruptions of the volcano and it is unclear if the damage will be repaired.

The new government will have to decide whether to allow a return to normal operations or to allow the continued operation of the government-controlled tourist sites.

In the meantime, visitors are being urged to stay at least 2 kilometers away from the volcano.