How to brew the perfect coffee at the Lasso Coffee Company

Coffee drinkers can now drink a different kind of coffee in Lasso’s new café, the Loca Café.

Located at the end of the Lola de las Indias mountain road, the new coffee shop is part of the company’s larger efforts to diversify its coffee-making base.

“This is not just about coffee.

It is a part of our identity as a company,” Loca founder and chief executive Eamonn O’Brien said.

“We want to change the way we think about coffee.”

The café’s new menu is a blend of local and organic ingredients and the cafe is also offering fresh fruit and coffee, along with a variety of craft brews.

“It is an attempt to make our coffee better,” Mr O’Brien said.

Loca is now the second major coffee chain to open in the region after Siena, which opened in 2012.

The Loca coffee chain is currently owned by the Coop, which is now owned by coffee giants Conventivo and Caffé Nero.

The coffee chain also operates a bar in Sydney and an organic coffee farm in New Zealand.

Lola coffee has recently gained a reputation for being the world’s first artisan coffee, making it a favourite amongst international visitors.

It also has the distinction of being the first chain to launch its own line of specialty coffee in Australia.