How to avoid ‘Yellow Fever’ in Hawaii

It’s a scary trend.

People are getting infected with yellow fever in Hawaii, the CDC says.

The new yellow fever outbreak in Hawaii has prompted officials to announce the creation of a vaccine, which is currently under development.

“The outbreak is a new phenomenon, so we need to keep our focus on this virus that we’ve been focused on,” said CDC director Tom Frieden.

“This is the only outbreak we know of in the Pacific.”

The new outbreak, which began on May 11 and has been linked to a campground on the island of Oahu, is spreading rapidly.

“It is the second outbreak of the new yellow disease in Hawaii,” said Dr. Eric Hickey, director of the Hawaii Department of Health.

“We have been tracking it, and we’re seeing more cases.

It’s spreading rapidly.”

It’s not just Hawaii’s residents who are being infected.

The disease is spreading in the U.S. as well, with more than 50 cases reported in the state.

The first symptoms include fever, muscle aches and muscle pain, and it can cause a rash on the skin.

The illness can spread through contaminated water, food and air, as well as through contact with contaminated water.

The CDC estimates that the spread is currently at 2,100 cases per day, with another 8,000 people living in close contact with infected water.

Hawaii is one of four states that have reported at least one case of yellow fever.

It has been spreading for years in Hawaii.

The virus is found in rodents, ticks, birds and fish.

It can be spread by direct contact, as a result of the respiratory symptoms and coughing.

The virus was first isolated in China, and researchers were able to find it in fish and birds.

It then moved into the U and was detected in two different outbreaks in Oregon and Washington.

The latest case was reported on Monday in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Hawaii Health Director Dr. Brian O’Leary said that the infection rate has been declining steadily over the past few days, with most cases reported today.

“We’re in the middle of a new yellow illness,” he said.

“It’s spread by a very limited number of people.

It is a very small proportion of the population.

And it’s spread in very isolated locations.”

O’Leary urged people to stay home until symptoms disappear, and said he hopes to have more updates as they are confirmed.

“If you see any yellow fever symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately and let us know.

And, if you’ve had contact with someone who’s infected with this new disease, contact them immediately,” O’Reilly said.

Hawaii Health says there have been 889 confirmed cases, and a total of 785 deaths.

The state of Hawaii has already begun implementing a quarantine program, which will also be expanded across the state starting Wednesday.

Hawaii has the second-highest death toll from yellow fever at 14, and many of the cases are being transmitted through the air.

Health officials say they are working with other states to develop a vaccine.

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