When will we see the popocatepetL volcano erupt?

The Popocatepetla volcano in Ecuador has erupted at an estimated rate of three to four per minute, and is the latest in a series of eruptions to hit Ecuador.

The volcano is one of the last active volcanoes in the country, and was not declared an emergency until late October, shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic. 

The volcano is located on the western coast of Ecuador, about 35 kilometers (21 miles) south of the capital Quito. 

According to the government’s website, the volcano erupted on October 6 at a rate of about 3 to 4.5 per minute. 

“It is very dangerous and it is a very dangerous volcano,” said Francisco Flores, a seismologist at the state-run national geological agency. 

Flores and other seismologists said the volcano was likely erupting from a fault line that ran along the west flank of the volcano. 

Ecuador’s volcanologists are working to determine the cause of the eruption, and have launched an investigation. 

Popocatepetlan is Ecuador’s third-largest volcano, with more than 2,000 active volcanos, including a peak of nearly 2,700 meters (6,400 feet). 

It has a lava lake at its center that is believed to have been formed by a large eruption of lava more than 5,000 years ago. 

In recent decades, the government has stepped up efforts to clean up and prepare for the possibility of an eruption. 

After the initial flare-up of the Volcano of the Year celebration, the country issued a mandatory evacuation order for thousands of people living in the coastal cities of La Paz, Queretaro, Quito and other areas of the country.

The order called on residents to vacate the area immediately.

The government has made clear that it is prepared to deal with a major eruption in a short period of time.

“This is something that we have prepared for and are ready to deal and take care of,” said Ricardo Loya, the deputy director of the Ecuadorian National Geophysical Institute.

“We are ready and prepared to take care and respond to an event.” 

On Friday, the state said it would begin an investigation into the cause.

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