Indonesia’s Volcanoes: What You Need to Know

Indonesia’s volcanoes have been active for a long time.They are part of a group of highly active volcanoes known as the “Ring of Fire.”Their eruptions are part and parcel of

The Facts About El Salvador Volcano (via Reddit)

In this case, the eruption of El Salvado volcano on May 20, 1976, was an outlier.At that time, volcanic activity in Ecuador was still at a relatively low level compared

Italy to play Iceland in World Cup qualifier in Turin

It was a warm and sunny night in Turino on Thursday night, but the crowds were not quite as enthusiastic as the weather.The game between Italy and Iceland will be

What’s next for the volcano in Guatemala?

On April 18, the volcano of Guatemala erupted, spewing ash and causing a massive fire in the town of Sangay.The volcano had been dormant for decades, but in May it

What is a volcano?

What is it?A volcano is an erupting volcano.A volcano erupts to release lava, sand and rock that travels down a hillside and falls to the ground below.What makes a volcano

Why do I have to have a tattoo of a volcano tattoo?

A volcano tattoo is a piece of art that’s a little more intricate than a regular tattoo.The ink is usually done on a canvas, with the volcano symbol inked onto

New data shows the UK is now on the brink of a volcanic eruption

A new study from the UK Geological Survey (UGS) has revealed that the UK has become the third largest volcanic area in the world, after the US and Australia.The study,

Greece, Italy face possible volcano threat

Greece is facing a possible eruption of a volcanic island near the coast, with the risk of a major eruption threatening the lives of tourists and residents.The government has declared

Juventus v Udinese: Juve win 2-1 in Turin

Juventus have now beaten Udinese on two consecutive days, after they had taken a 1-0 lead at the break.Udinese had lost three successive matches at the start of the season,

How the Yellowstone Volcano Experiment works, but don’t drink the volcano sushi

The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory’s “sushi” experiment is not a new idea.It’s been around for decades, and the latest version, dubbed “The Yellowknife Experiment,” is set to start next week.This latest